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Apple AP40 a Bluetooth Gamepad Controller for iOS Android Mac PC & More by 8Bitdo - OYE TEAM

Posted on: 09/27/2016 | Author: Shop Oye | Categories: News Android Console & Device
To celebrate Apple's 40th anniversary we wanted to bring something special to the world. Introducing the AP40, a wireless bluetooth controller, designed as an homage to Apple's original retro logo. It is compatible with many devices like iOS, Android, Mac and PC. Coupled with our Retro Receiver line, you can even use your AP40 on retro systems like the NES, SNES and now the Apple IIc.
Apple AP40 a Bluetooth Gamepad Controller for iOS Android Mac PC & More by 8Bitdo - OYE TEAM
When it comes to the game, there is no future without a past. Thanks to companies like 8bitdo, we were able to continue using our old games and systems with some modern updates. Now, the company that brought the Retro handset for NES and SNES is going back a few years to bring you the AP40 - a Bluetooth controller with the apple of Eve.

The AP40 is a tribute to Apple retro original logo. Apple has its 40th anniversary and the AP40 has recently celebrated way of honoring the Apple 8bitdo impact it has had on the gaming community over the years. The AP40 controller is compatible with most iOS, Android, Mac and PC devices. It can also be used in combination with the receiver line Retro to play NES, SNES and Apple II / IIc.

8Bitdo AP40 Gamepad

The AP40 stand is also a small replica of adorable aluminum Apple II base. You can either keep the AP40, smart phone or tablet. The receiver retro Apple II is compatible with any other 8bitdo controller. If you have an Apple II, this is your gamepad.


If you have an Apple II, you know there are a lot of games on the system. It was an important way to develop the game and remains one of the most iconic computing systems ever. Exploiting such popularity on the 40th anniversary of Apple is a no-brainier. Creating a wireless controller and a receiver for the Apple II is a great way to keep its technology and above all - gameplay.


The AP40 has the same range of compatibility and limitation of others 8Bitdo controllers, which means that it is not MFI and therefore compatible with iOS games that are based on Apple's native gaming controller API or with the Apple TV. It works with iCade-enable iOS games, but it also works out of the box with Mac, Windows, Android, Wii, PlayStation 3, and RetroN5 Raspberry Pi Recallbox running, Apple II / IIc, Nintendo NES, SNES.


There is also a leafy green silicone that plugs into the USB port of the micro controller which is used for charging.


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